Environments are circumstances in which we live. Such as at home, on the go, in work, and in life. Environments affect emotions, behavior, motivation, and life changes. Over the past several decades we have experienced an evolution of change caused by technology and affecting human environments.

These ever-changing environments create new opportunities to understand the needs and desires of consumers. Addressing the need for the evolution of change in business, brand, and product requires a new lens to approaching product development and innovation. Success in product design requires spending time understanding the consumer. Don’t forego human research.

These are four key objectives to product design:

  1. Understand and know your consumer and/or customer.
  2. Identify the purpose that the product has in the life of the consumer through the consumer’s lens.
  3. Define the job that needs to be done.
  4. Design for product-market fit.

I worked with many types of businesses and startups across many industries providing innovation. I have a wide range of experiences that bring to research, strategy, and design. Design project types include content, technology, web design, social media, mobile, digital vending, digital in-store & DOOH, geo-location apps, games, AR/VR reality, magic mirrors, digital mannequins, quantified-self, pharmaceutical app, video, and the physical world including home appliances, medical devices, and retail.

These examples represent unique projects that I had the pleasure of being involved in providing research and strategy.

  1. Invigorating the bank customer experience.
  2. Reimagining caregiving for the elder generation and people in need through voice commands and an easy testing app. [ServicePlace]
  3. Designing for personal safety innovating safety for women. [ATOM Innovations and Product Design]
  4. Re-inventing the grocery store of the future giving freshly farmed foods new meaning by imagining the use of technology and environment in-store. [Whole Foods Market]
  5. Retail theater to engage browsing customers with an infinitive assortment of shoes. [Nine West]
  6. Managing the daily process of medication and the medical regime made it easier for people with a life-threatening disease. [Novartis]
  7. Inspiring and engaging tech-savvy driver to take a spin in the newly remodeled car. [Volvo Cars]
  8. Meal planning app to help time-strapped parents making the grocery shopping chore easier. [Hormel]

The four areas that am I deeply passionate about, and I have found the most challenges: retail,  agriculture/farming, medical and health, and eldercare.

Why hire Tery Spataro Consulting?

  • I bring value to the engagement that I am involved in through my experience as a researcher, strategist, and designer.
  • A successful record of leading engagements and defining product research plans and strategies to transform for growth and innovation.
  • Leading subject matter expert and practitioner.
  • Bring a take-charge attitude and design thinking facilitation to the process to define and articulate strategies for growth, innovation, and transformation, and provide the process for an actionable plan and roadmap.

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