Tom Lombardo The Evolution of Science Fiction webinar series and Book

Teaming Up with Tom Lombardo Futurist Science Fiction Scholar

February 9, 2021

Science Fiction is more than a creative and imaginative endeavor, there is an approach to solving problems, mapping change, world-building, inventing new possibilities, and considering consequences. Science Fiction allows the prototyping of “what if” scenarios and forecastingRoger Spitz and Lidia Zuin.

I met Tom Lombardo, Director of the Center of Future Consciousness, in 2013 at the Arizona Futurists Society meeting. Tom gave a couple of lectures on the history of science fiction. His enthralling knowledge and captivating presentations motivated me to study science future. I already have an incredible grasp of the classics and favorite genres which include “new weird” and “speculative” science fiction. But Tom’s curriculum brings forth the intersection of human evolution and history, imagination, and curiosity.

The curriculum, Tom designed, for the webinar series is comprehensive, filled with concrete knowledge, and synthesis of history, astronomy, medicine, psychology, political science, culture, art, music, and film. During each presentation, there are many discussions including evaluations of the mindsets from the past with the present. In some cases, the present mindset has not changed from the past. There is so much to learn from the authors of science fiction such as H.G. Wells who was an author, scientist, and futurist.

Tom asked me if I would like to produce The Evolution of Science Fiction webinar series, with great excitement I accepted the task. There are 17 modules, some modules have two parts, to the Evolution of Science Fiction webinar series. Since launching the series in September 2020, the attendees have added great passion to the discussions.

This YouTube is an overview of the course. We charge a small $25 fee for each module.

Praise for The Evolution of Science Fiction Webinar Series:

As a lifelong fan of science fiction, I have found Tom Lombardo’s webinars both informative and entertaining… he is an engaging speaker as well as impressively knowledgable concerning a quite complex subject… As well, he is very responsive to questions during his presentations and I have l found the other participants as engaging and informative as the main presenter. And a major improvement over his otherwise excellent books is the opportunity to add a wide range of graphics and illustrations from a plethora of sources, which really brings out the exciting nature of the ideas and images generated by the sci-fi vision… ” Tim Mack, Former President of the World Future Society.

Lombardo’s encyclopedic knowledge of SF is remarkable and his accompanying analysis and assessment are full of insights.” Richard Yonck, Association of Professional Futurists and Author of Future Minds.

Tom combines his extensive knowledge of science fiction with insights from the history of culture, science, ideas, and imagination, weaving stories with imagery into a thoughtful and thought-provocative mix. I leave the sessions invigorated, and thinking about what I’ve heard for days afterward. Whether you are a science fiction aficionado, a futurist, or a casual reader interested in exploring this fascinating genre, there is something worthwhile here.” Hank Kune, EDUCORE and the World Futures Studies Federation.

A highly-unusual and very in-depth series of perspectives on how fables and legends morphed into tales of exploration and wonder, and then into thoughtful literature of extrapolation and possibilities.” David Brin, author of Startide Rising, The Uplift War, and The Postman.

It is unmistakably the best webinar presentation, consecutively viewed or singly viewed, that I have ever spent as a participant or a viewer. Ever!” Cedar Sarilo Leverett, MFA, Society of Consciousness Studies.