Happy Birthday, Tony!

Dear Brother COVID-19 Changed the World You Left

My Dearest, Tony, Happy Birthday,
I want to let you know that things have changed in the world since your departure 30 years ago. Today, dear brother there is a new virus to battle. This virus has no boundaries. Millions have been infected in such a short time. Like the HIV that tragically took your life, the coronavirus has no cure yet. Scientists are working as fast as they can to find the treatment.
Our society is changed by COVID-19. The way we are living now is like nothing we imagined when we were kids. We had dreams of seeing the world, living in the same community, and raising our families. Today, mom is living with me. We are self-isolating to keep mom safe. I imagine you teasing me about living with mom and joke about her. I am not wearing the stylish clothes I once did, but I am accessorizing with a mask and gloves.
I have been thinking of you so much! Mom and I were planning a celebration of life for your anniversary. Now that is on hold because of COVID-19. Instead of having your celebration of life in town, I am creating a video of your life. I went through 100s of photos of you. I wished there were more photos, videos, and letters so that I could capture your essence – some technologies were not easily accessible in the 1980s. The things that I have in hand, remind me of the fun we had when we were kids. The things we did to amuse each other. The forts we built, plays we wrote, and the newspaper we created. Of course the trouble we got into. I wonder about the man you would have become.
I miss you, dear brother.